That thing you carry in your pocket may be called a “smartphone”, but its main purpose isn’t to talk to other people – it’s a tiny computer you use to connect to the Internet, get information and use all kinds of applications.

Let our specialists guide you through the myriad of cellular phone solutions available for your home or your business.

Remote Car Starters

Let us find the best remote starter for your vehicle.

Finding the right remote starter will come easily if you just think about when, where and how you would use it. See what your needs are and pick one with options and features that speak to you most.

Cellular Signal Boosters

With mobile devices becoming such an integral part of our lives and rural cellular towers now providing internet access, a small disruption in signal can affect our lives adversely. Whether you’re connecting with family or running your business, dropped service is absolutely frustrating. 

That’s why we offer cellular signal boosters with professional installation, so you can stay connected without interruption.

Turntables / Vinyl Records

Let’s get serious about music! We carry some of the finest turntables available today and a large selection of vinyl records. We have everything you need to make your music sounding great: a huge selection of replacement stylus, cartridges, belts and mats, cleaning solutions, brushes and more.
Our USB turntables are a great way to complement your existing computer setup. When was the last time you relaxed and read an album cover inside and out while listening to your favourite artists?
What was once old is new again!

Car Audio Installations

Get The Most Out Of Your Car With A New Stereo System.
If you’re unhappy with your car stereo, then it’s time to call up our car stereo experts and get a new sound system. Our car installers can help you to plan your car stereo integration, or assist you with customizing your existing installation.

Marine Audio Installations

A quality marine stereo installation can bring your boating experience to a whole new level.

Some considerations you should make while looking for a high-quality marine audio installation include looking for the components with the best specs. Better specifications equate to better sound quality.

Motorsport Audio Solutions

Loud pipes, custom bikes. Baggers and bigwheels. If you are looking for crank’d up and clear sound no matter the speed, then look no further than us. 

Dunes or Dirt, Muddin’ to Mobbing. If you demand UTV audio with no boundaries, our side-by-side audio delivers the soundtrack for your adventure.

TV Mounting​

Leave your room free of wires and clutter with a professionally mounted TV.

Home Theatre Installation​

Whether you need help setting up a classic 5.1 system, mounting wall or ceiling speakers, designing a full cinema room, or anything in between, we can help.​​

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